In April 2017 Dencrypt was awarded the NATO Communication and Inforamtion (NCI) Agency’s  Defence Innovation Challenge for SMEs and academia.

NATO is on Dencrypts list of customers.

The Danish Defence and the Danish Ministry of Defence has since January 2015 tested Dencrypt Talk and Dencrypt Server System for internal secure communication. In late 2017 the system will receive accreditation for Danish RESTRICTED use and potentially later Danish SECRET use.

Secure mobile communication, integrated into the existing IT-security policies, is of increasing importance for the Danish Armed Forces. When it comes to IT-security, it is of especial importance that the best available solutions are being used and are a natural part of daily work and, to keep productivity high, such solutions must be easy to use. Dencrypt, a Danish company, has managed to combine advanced encryption technology with a user-friendly solution, which means that employees can easily make secure mobile calls.

– Major Jesper Roelsgaard, Defence Command Denmark

The Copenhagen Group specialises in projects for international organisations in conflict and post-conflict areas as well as countries with civil unrest. The two largest key accounts are the United Nations (UN) and NATO with whom we have a long-term relationship of prosperous business partnership. Dencrypt has delivered Dencrypt Secure Talk and Dencrypt Server System to the Copenhagen Group employees and partners and also signed an agreement, where Copenhagen Group represent Dencrypt towards UN, EC and other parties.

When operating in conflict and post-conflict areas security is of outmost importance; also when it comes to our mobile communication. With Dencrypt’s solutions, we can conduct our business around the globe and be assured, that our conversations remains private and are not intercepted by anyone.

– Jeppe Handwerk, President & CEO, Copenhagen Group