Dencrypt Support – Call (+45) 72 11 79 11
Dencrypt Support – Call (+45) 72 11 79 11
Dencrypt Communication Solution

The secure communication solution

Protected smartphone communication.

Voice calls  •  Video calls  •  Messages

Group calls and messages

End-to-end Dynamic Encryption

iOS & Android

Dencrypt Connex

The app for secure and easy communication

» Encrypted voice and video calls
» Encrypted instant messaging
  • Text, photos, audio, location
  • Time-constrained IM
» Group calls and messaging
» Excellent audio quality
» Individual, centrally managed contact list
» Connect on IP-based networks, incl. 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi
» iOS, Android
» Common Criteria EAL4+ALCFLR.2

» Dynamic Encryption + AES-256
» End-to-end encryption
» Perfect forward secrecy
» Trusted connections using TLS1.2
» Secure storage of chat history
» Encrypted push notifications
» Secure provisioning

Dencrypt Server System

The Dencrypt Server System provides the infrastructure for secure mobile communication using Dencrypt smartphone applications.

Dencrypt Server System is Common Criteria certified.


Choose the solution that fits you:


Our shared cloud service


Get Dencrypt Communication Solution as a cloud service. No server installation required.

Download the app and get started!

Private Cloud

Your own Dencrypt cloud server

Private Cloud

Get a private cloud server hosted and operated by Dencrypt. You handle administration of your users – we take care of the rest.


Dencrypt Server installed at your site


For full control of your solution have the Dencrypt Server System deployed onsite in your own IT-environment.

Dencrypt Server System – Features and Security

– Web-based management tool
» Role-based administration
» User management
» Call group and phone book management
» User revocation
» Certificate management
» Call statistics
» System status dashboard

» Secure call set-up
» Secure message routing
» Secure activation of end-users
» Audit and event logs
» Trusted connections using TLS1.2
» Mutual authentication
» Common Criteria certified (ISO 15408) at EAL2+

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