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Security and Convenience – Combined in one communication platform!

Dencrypt offers user-friendly communication solutions featuring Dynamic Encryption – the strongest encryption technology available.

We believe that the ability to communicate safely should not be at the expense of convenience. That’s why our smartphone apps combine user-friendly operation with the best end-to-end encryption technology.

Our solutions are certified and have achieved accreditation by NATO and the Danish Defence for classified information exchange. This guarantees uncompromised and verified security. Our solutions are used every day to ensure that confidential and sensitive information stays safe and does not fall into the wrong hands.

Encryption specialists

Dencrypt specialises in developing and providing solutions based on the principle of Dynamic Encryption. Our mission is to enable everyone to communicate in confidence. We combine advanced encryption technology with user-friendly operation.

Our Dencrypt Communication Solutions provide secure communication apps for smartphones, operating on the Dencrypt Server System platform.

Our Dencrypt Core concept enables integration of Dynamic Encryption in a wide range of communication systems and platforms.

NATO and the Danish Defence are among Dencrypt’s customers

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