Dencrypt Talk

Dencrypt Talk

(PDF-flyer on Dencrypt Talk)

Dencrypt Talk is an app for iPhone and Android smartphones. It provides Dynamic Encryption for secure mobile voice communication and live chat – regardless of the network connection (3G/4G, WIFI, LTE etc.).

Dencrypt Talk is user-friendly, and may be used by all employees, for all conversations as an integrated part of their daily work.

A call is made in three simple steps:

  • Launch the application
  • Pick person from phonebook
  • Place the call

Group calls are supported, users may be added to on-going calls.

To use Dencrypt Talk an activated account is required.

Accounts are created in the Dencrypt Server System, which handles user management, call groups etc.

It is not possible to call regular phone numbers from Dencrypt Talk.