Dencrypt Talk

Dencrypt Talk

Encrypted Mobile Communication

Dynamic Encryption


Certified & Accredited

Dencrypt Talk protects your smartphone conversations with state-of-the-art Dynamic Encryption on non-secure digital infrastructure such as WiFi hotspots, mobile networks and satellite links. Dencrypt Talk is a Common Criteria certified, user-friendly smartphone application delivered from App Store, Google Play or a mobile device management (MDM) system.


» Dynamic Encryption + AES-256

» End-to-end encryption

» Perfect Forward Secrecy

» Encrypted voice calls over VoIP

» Encrypted live chat

» High audio quality

» Secure phonebook:
   » Centrally managed
   » Individual call groups


» Secure provisioning

» Connectivity on all cellular and wireless networks

» Mutual authenticated connection

» Common Criteria certified (EAL4+)

» iOS and Android platforms