Dencrypt Talk trail

Dencrypt Talk trail accounts

Potential customers are invited to test Dencrypts’ products and have test accounts created on the Dencrypt Server System.

Conditions of the trail are individually agreed with your contact person at Dencrypt but typically run for a period of 2-4 weeks.

The following steps should be followed by the users to first install and then activate the app.

  1. Install Dencrypt Talk for iPhones via
    the Apple App Store ( or Google Play (Android) (
  2. To the use the app, activation by the administrator (Dencrypt Support) is required.

    The activation SMS contains a link, which should be clicked by the user.
    This will open Dencrypt Talk and initiate download of the phonebook.

    Activation e-mail (must be read on the phone to be used with Dencrypt Talk) contain instructions and a green button, which must be clicked by the user to activate the account.
    This will open Dencrypt Talk and initiate download of the phonebook.

Once the phonebook is visible in Dencrypt Talk, users may start placing calls.

For each user account the following information is required:

  • Salutation (Mr / Mrs)
  • First name (listed in phonebook, may be an alias)
  • Last name (listed in phonebook, may be an alias)
  • Department (this will be the name of the test-call group)
  • Phone number (required for SMS based account activation)
  • E-mail address (required for e-mail based account activation)

If it has been decided to use only use one of the two activation methods (SMS or email), only user information for one method is required.

If you experience sound problems during calls, your phone is likely connected to WIFI.
When WIFI is disabled the sound quality often improves.