Dencrypt Server System

Dencrypt Server System

Dencrypt Server System, providing the back-end and user management of all Dencrypt Talk users, is either provided as a hosted service (operated by Dencrypt, on Danish ground) or installed at the customer’s premises (or by a local hosting service provider preferred by the customer).

Scalability and redundancy

The Dencrypt Server System system is highly scalable. You may start with a small deployment for a limited number of end users, which may later be expanded to 10,000+ users.

Redundancy – logical and physical

Several Dencrypt Communication Servers may be controlled by the same Dencrypt Control Center (logical redundancy). If one is out of service, the second takes over and ensures continued operations.

Hosting by Dencrypt also has physical redundancy in geographically separate data centers (physical redundancy).

For in-house deployment, the system may be integrated into existing redundancy and fail-over systems.