Dencrypt Support – Call (+45) 72 11 79 11
Dencrypt Support – Call (+45) 72 11 79 11

Dencrypt Core

(PDF-flyer on Dencrypt Core)

Dencrypt Core – customised integration of Dynamic Encryption
Dencrypt Core is a customer-specific package of the crypto components required to integrate Dynamic Encryption into existing or planned products. Anything from satellites and drones to Internet-of-Things gadgets, sensors, wearables etc. can have Dencrypt Core added for stronger protection of data streams.

Based on specific product specifications, Dencrypt designs the best solution for implementing Dencrypt Core and develops special components if required. Data packet size, programming language, restrictions on timing/speed, API adjustments etc. are issues that may need to be clarified. Implementation of Dencrypt Core should be considered an integration project.

All Dencrypt staff hold DANISH SECRET (equals NATO SECRET) security clearances. Conversations and project execution will be covered by an NDA or similar agreements.