Dencrypt Support – Call (+45) 72 11 79 11
Dencrypt Support – Call (+45) 72 11 79 11

Custom services

Dencrypt Core

Dencrypt Core is a customer-specific package of the crypto components required to integrate Dynamic Encryption into existing or planned products. Dynamic Encryption is applied anywhere that strong end-to-end encryption is required.

Dencrypt Core is delivered to both HW and SW platforms with full support for integration, test and release. Dencrypt Core applies to a broad range of applications, such as satellite and mobile communications, backbone networks, IoT devices, sensors and vehicles.

Dynamic Encryption

Based on the customer’s product specifications, Dencrypt designs a customised Dencrypt Core, applying the principle of Dynamic Encryption for maximum protection.

HW/SW Platforms

Dencrypt Core is available for both hardware and software platforms. The delivery of Dencrypt Core is a joint integration project, with Dencrypt engineers delivering the customised implementation as well as support and tools for integration, test and release.

Customised for Optimal Performance

Dencrypt tailors the solution for the specific application and ensures optimal performance for security, speed, latency and with the preferred API. Dencrypt provides support for the entire product lifecycle.